St. John Laboratory Courtyard Collection

St. John Laboratory Courtyard Collection

UH Manoa St. John Laboratory Courtyard Garden

st_johnEstablished in 1971 by Doug Friend the St. John Courtyard garden is a living collection serves as teaching resource to supports the Botany Departments undergraduate and graduate courses. Living plant material is collected for laboratory courses and lectures. This material is useful in identification, anatomy, physiology, taxonomy and morphology related lessons. The collection comprises a high taxonomic diversity including many native species (many plant families found in Hawaii), and ethnobotanically important species. Plants are labeled with informative signs which include Genus-species (Family), Common names and Origin (distribution).

In recent years, the following students have assisted in the maintenance of the St. John courtyard including Zach Eisenberg, Carl Hansen, Han Lau, Uala Lenta, Carrie Peironi, Bruce Hoffman, Kawika Winter, and Kawika Duvauchelle, Tony Lammers. We thank them for their efforts in maintaining this important resource.

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Living Specimens: > 100 species
Established: 1975