Fish Collection

Fish Collection

The Fish Museum is housed in the Department of Zoology, College of Natural Sciences. Located on the Ground floor of the Edmonson Hall, the collection includes about 10,000 specimens, preserved as wet specimens stored in glass containers of 70% alcohol. The collection supports several undergraduate zoology courses.  Recent cataloging has continued and when completed ill provide a more accurate inventory and assessment of the collection. The collection includes both formal teaching (fish identification) and research roles.

Contact Information
Dr. Kathleen Cole, Associate Professor
Director and Collections Manager
Fish Museum
Department of Zoology
University of Hawai’i at Manoa
2538 McCarthy Mall, Edmondson 152
Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone (808) 956-8618
Fax (808) 956-9812

Associate Faculty: James Parrish, John Stimson, Timothy Tricas
Affiliated Graduate Students: Heather Leba, Cory Yap
Affiliates: Adam Dewan, Dave Nettesheim
Non-living Specimens: More than 10,000
Established: 1959

Allied Curriculum:
ZOOL 465 – General Ichthyology (3 credits)
Biology of fishes; reproduction, physiological processes, functional anatomy, behavior, ecology, distribution, and systematics.

ZOOL 465L – General Ichthyology Lab (1 credit)
Lab to accompany ZOOL 465

ZOOL 466 – Fisheries Science (3 credits)
General characteristics of fisheries; harvesting methods; principles and techniques to derive data and analyze fished populations.
Prerequisites: coursework in aquatic ecology and fish biology, or consent of instructor

ZOOL 467 – Ecology of Fishes (3 credits)
Reproduction, early life history, age and growth, feeding, niche specificity, competitive interactions, communities, and evolutionary mechanisms of fishes.
Prerequisites: ZOOL 465