Digital Collections

Digital Collections


The Digital Collections of the University of Hawai’i Virtual Museum include archived natural history and cultural material in digital form, made accessible via the World Wide Web. The University of Hawaii at Hawai’i Virtual Museum began implementation in 2007.

Collection Descriptions

Charles H. Lamoureux Collection (1933-2000) – is comprised of botanical photographic materials (35 mm slide film), publications and miscellaneous items related primarily to the research and travels of Dr. Charley Lamoureux, circa 1950s – 1990s. There are approximately 20,000 color slides in the collection. Original 35 mm slides will be held in the UH Manoa Hamilton Library Archives Collections.

D. Elmo Hardy Collection (1914-2002) – includes more than 250 field and taxonomic photographs scanned from 35 mm Kodachrome slides. Hardy was an American entomologist, specialising in Diptera systematics. In over 70 years of research Hardy published 437 articles and notes in which he named and described nearly 2,000 species in 34 different families of Diptera. These were published in 437 articles and notes.

Harold St. John Collection (1892-1991) – a collection of 3 1/4″ x 4″ black and white photographs (1934) of Pacific Island site visits and expeditions to Molokai, Faninng Is., Tuamotus, Raivavae Is., Flint Is. (Kiribati), Indonesia, Rapa, Huahine, Tahiti, Meetia Is., Rurutu Is., Maria Is., Henderson Is., Christmas Is., Raiatea, Temoe Is. and Fiji, . Original photos will be held in the UH Manoa Hamilton Library Archives Collections. The collection includes approximately 375 photographs.

Isabella Sinclair: Indigenous Flowers of the Hawaiian Islands – a digital reproduction of 44 chromolithographed plates of the Indigenous Flowers of the Hawaiian Islands. London: 1885. First edition of first color plate book devoted to the flora of Hawaii. Isabella McHutcheson Sinclair (c. 1840-1890), author and illustrator, became a noted painter in Hawaii of botanical subjects. She was born near Stirling, Scotland, and it is thought her father, employed by by the Inland Revenue Service, was the brother of Elizabeth McHutcheson Sinclair, the woman who bought the Hawaiian island of Niihau with her sons in 1864.

Mark Merlin Collection – a collection of color and black & white 35 mm slide film of Pacific Island natural history, Kaho`olawe Island, research field sites and biological organisms, circa mid 1970’s to present.

Natural History Photograph Collection – Visual display of natural science is a cornerstone of the mission of the University of Hawaii Museum Consortia. The collection is solidly based on the the University’s scientific exploration and research. University of Hawaii educators, curators and exhibition specialists have labored to make the knowledge and wonder of the natural world available to the public. Their efforts and those of their successors were, in turn, often documented by staff and other photographers.To expand the Virtual Museum’s educational mission to the public, a slide library is being created which will form the basis of the Natural History >Photograph Collection. In addition to legacy 35 mm slides, the collection will also archive photographs “born digitally” by the university’s educational faculty and scientific staff.

Scanning Electron Microscopy – Wood Anatomy – 102 images of Hawaiian Wood scanning electron microscopy taken in 1980s by Charles H. Lamoureux.

Weeds of Hawaii – 227 images of plant illustrations. Handbook of Hawaiian Weeds. Edited by E. L. Haselwood and G. G. Motter (1966). Published for Harold Lyon Arboretum by University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu.

Historic Costume Clothing Exhibits

2010 Aloha Shirts
2009 50 Years of Fashion in Hawaii 
2008 Threads of Hope – Celebrating

(above) 1950s Evening Dress, Accession #: W.2007.2.20, Fabrication: Chiffon/Brocade/Taffeta, Manufacturer: Hand made by designer Ethel de Saussure, Donor: Diane Okubo, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Historic Costume Collection